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A special note to the many friends of The Savvy Sale.

For the past seven years it has been an honor and privilege to bring valley families Arizonaís original and largest childrenís consignment event. We have been truly blessed with the many families we have met along the way and the amazing part they have played in making The Savvy Sale a success.

As such, our decision to retire was not an easy one. Our primary concern was making sure we didnít let you down.  Although The Savvy Sale name is going away, we are thrilled to announce a new home for you, our shoppers, consignors, and partners. Beginning this spring, Kidís Closet Connection will be welcoming The Savvy Sale friends to their consignment family.

Yes, some procedures will change, systems will change, etcÖ but Ken Leathers, owner of Kidís Closet Connection in Arizona and his team are working hard to ensure this new home is a great fit for all of you.  Kidís Closet Connection Ė Arizona has been steadily growing over the past few years, has a franchised backing, and a solid team with experience and resources.

Thanks to each and every one of you for providing so much joy for us and our families. We are deeply grateful. You may just see us dropping off and shopping (but not working!) at one of Kenís sales.  

Many blessings,
Gretchen and Kristen
Special noteÖÖ.. consignor inventory will need to be re-entered/re-tagged but you may print any unsold inventory from our site and enter it into Kidís Closet Connection-Arizona,
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